At Carter Lauren Construction Ltd, sustainability means sustainable and profitable growth, providing value to our customers, delivering our services in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, helping our people to be better and advancing the communities in which we operate.

Our Responsible Sourcing Policy outlines how we and our supply chain will influence procurement choices of  goods,  works  and  services  to increase value for money, reduce consumption of primary resources and use materials with fewer negative impacts on the environment. By operating in line with this policy we will play our part in reducing risks, safeguarding natural resources, improving resource efficiency, reducing waste, saving money and stemming the loss of biodiversity.

In accordance with our SME Environment accreditation, we have developed procedures to ensure we always assess the risk, to ensure the environment is considered throughout all our business activities. Our approach to sustainability is to comply with our environmental policy that is aligned to ISO 14001:2015. Alongside this, our sustainable procurement plan enables a careful and environmentally sensitive approach to our operations.

We have delivered a large number of ‘Very good’ and ‘Excellent’ BREEAM rated buildings over the last decade A stringent recording process is in place, monitoring waste, energy, and our carbon output via our site waste management system. A dedicated Compliance department gathers this data and ensures we achieve and maintain our targets; this past year we achieved a total of 93% of all total construction waste avoiding landfill. By partnering with UK wide organisations such as Community Wood Recycling we have dramatically reduced our waste output, a goal that we continue to target by lowering our total waste further each year.

Our ability to consistently produce high quality BREEAM rated buildings, is due to a partnering approach with our supply chain. A focus on sourcing our materials from BES 6001 and ISO 14001 accredited organisations, utilising our experience with modern sustainable practices, prefabricating materials off site in controlled environments, LEAN practices, green material acquisitions such as installation of solar panels, improving air tightness, utilizing green roofs and continuously looking for ways to improve regarding our site operations.