Welcome to Carter Lauren Construction

As one of the largest privately owned South Wales based construction companies, we pride ourselves in providing the highest professional standards. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction being primary objectives. Carter Lauren has since its inception continued to build a healthy reputation with a growing portfolio of customers.

The Company’s operations now extend from South Wales along the M4 corridor to London and the east coast, down to Devon and Cornwall, along the South coast and north to the Greater Manchester area and in recent years have successfully completed projects in Scotland.

This geographical spread has primarily been driven by Client demand and ongoing partnerships with long-term Clients. Works undertaken within all other Sectors have generally been carried out in South Wales and the South West only, varying in size and project type.

What We Do

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The vision of the company was to establish a well known and strong construction team with our aim to increase the company’s turnover on a gradual increase that is controlled and serviced by a strong management team thus providing a sound service and competitiveness to our Clients, both old and new. The company’s increase in turnover has been controlled to its current level of turnover which we anticipate for the forthcoming year to be in the region of £55million.

During any financial year between 15 and 20 projects are carried out at any one time by the company subject to complexity and size of the project, each project is controlled and overseen by a Contracts Manager and Surveyor based in the main office with a Project Manager directly employed by the company on site. The company directly employs approximately 150 operatives in both trade and labour and is well established in the training fields to train apprentices in various trades. The company has a well established and close working relationship with sub-contractors who provide a continuous high standard of workmanship and reliability on our projects.

What We Do (Cont....)

A large variety of projects have been successfully undertaken within the education, health, leisure, commercial and industrial sectors of the industry. The retail sector has also provided a high proportion of opportunities and continues to play a major part in the company’s success, with main partnering agreements set up with Whitbread Plc., Marston’s Plc., and J.D Wetherspoon.

Projects range in diversity and value and include both live refurbishments from £150k to £15million, with the larger projects generally of new build ventures that still require this same fast-track demands expected in this sector. The commercial/retail sector has proven a successful sector in obtaining and completing projects during the past years. Numerous projects have been partnered with Clients on previous data & costs, assuring continuation of schemes. This is evident from our Clients list which is not vast, thus proving our commitment to building relationships with Clients and Professionals ensuring continuous repeat business.

Accreditations & Training Partners

Our training and development strategy aims to create a pool of highly skilled people who can realise their full potential, whilst accommodating the changing needs of our business and the industry. We promote best practice, aim to stimulate innovation and we actively encourage the sharing of ideas, knowledge, and experiences across all our divisions. 

We believe that working with your colleagues is one of the most valuable development opportunities available.

Mentoring and on-the-job learning is very much part of the culture at Carter Lauren Construction Ltd. Our development programme portfolio includes: Work experience weeks, Apprenticeships, Mentoring programmes, Technical and Academic training Programmes.