Our training and development strategy aims to create a pool of highly skilled people who can realise their full potential, whilst accommodating the changing needs of our business and the industry. We promote best practice, aim to stimulate innovation and we actively encourage the sharing of ideas, knowledge, and experiences across all our divisions.  We believe that working with your colleagues is one of the most valuable development opportunities available. Mentoring and on-the-job learning is very much part of the culture at Carter Lauren Construction Ltd. Our development programme portfolio includes: Work experience weeks, Apprenticeships, Mentoring programmes,

Alongside our development programme, we run a continued professional development scheme for our site staff, providing them with the opportunity to develop their skill and knowledge base regarding current and crucial topics that are present within our industry. Many Carter Lauren staff have undergone training in areas such as Mental Health Awareness, Protecting the Environment, Preventing Illegal Working, Women in Construction and The Next Generation, we actively encourage the use of the Considerate Constructors online training portal ‘The Hub’ to ensure that our workforce is aware of, and trained, in line with construction industry best practice sourced from across the UK.

Ethical Business/SMETA Audit

We are proudly a SMETA audited company; SMETA  is the most widely used social audit in the world and enables businesses to assess their sites and suppliers to understand working conditions in their supply chain. Our Business Practices are stringently assessed against the following 4 ‘Pillars’: Health & Safety, Business Ethics, Labour and Environment. Since 2016 we have been a member of the Stronger Together network working closely with our supply chain to ensure that abhorrent practises of forced labour, modern slavery, labour trafficking and other hidden third-party exploitation of workers is identified and mitigated within their own operations.       

Apprentice Scheme

Our apprenticeship programmes’ have been developed with the long term goal of staff retention, upskilling and growth of our company. By giving the Apprentices secure employment that extends beyond the 2 or 3 year programme we have removed some of life’s stresses such as not having to worry about where the next contract will be, worry about whether a pay check will come through. It provides them with a fully funded Apprenticeship with all college and training fees paid. We have structured their training and development to ensure they are in sustainable careers that will continue to be in demand within the industry.


To our company, the 21 apprentices we have brought through the programme have had numerous positive direct and indirect benefits, they have improved our training structure and strategies by highlighting SWOT’s, empowered our workforce (through mentorship programme) challenged our workforce through healthy competitive environment, made us consider and address industry issues such as mental health initiatives.

Our programme of Apprentice training has been developed so that it is both economically sustainable and scalable dependent of our companies demand and industry needs.  A large part of our success is the Mentoring assigned to each Apprentice.

We currently have Apprentices in the following categories – Carpentry, Civil Engineering and Construction Operatives, Plastering, Painting, Plumbing, Tiling and Electrical and Electronic Engineering.